Raw milk cheese in a cylindrical shape. It has a sweet and delicate flavour and takes its name from the village in Valle Brembana. Thanks to special aging, the flavour becomes more pronounced, almost spicy.

raw milk cheese

Serving suggestions:
Franciacorta Rosso, Botticino, Valcalepio Rosso

SHAPE: cylindrical, concave side

SIDES: 12 cm

DIMENSIONS: diameter 40 cm

WEIGHT: ~ 26 lbs

COLOUR: straw yellow coloured consistency

CONSISTENCY: soft and compact with even eyes

TASTE: dry and spicy as the affinage progresses

FRAGRANCE: pleasant, mountain herbs

RIND: thin, smooth, non-edible

AGING: at least 60 days

ALLERGENS: milk and dairy products

STORAGE: from +4°C to +8°C. It is recommended to leave the product at room temperature 15 minutes before serving.




10 oz

Sergio Arrigoni aged cheeses line: