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Arrigoni spouses

The history of the Arrigoni family dates back to the mid nineteenth century with Giovanni, nicknamed Bèlo, the great-grandfather of Sergio, the current owner.

At that time, Arrigoni produced, seasoned and affined cheese in Valtaleggio and sold them in the various areas of the province. Business was consolidated when his son Carlo and nephew Battista joined the company, who in turn handed it down to Sergio.

Certification of the Taleggio cheese Protection Union

Historical Taleggio
Sergio Arrigoni wrappers


And it was thanks to Sergio that the company has managed to gain more and more market segments, extending the range of products and transferring the offices and warehouse to the larger and more organised facility in Almè.

Taleggio Dop

Today, the company is run by his three daughters. 
A generational shift that has generated energy, new ideas and the desire for refurbishment whilst maintaining production processes to guarantee its renowned quality and respect for family traditions.

The oldest enterprise in Valtaleggio is being refurbished to give greater value to its history.

Arrigoni family