It is a product similar to Quartirolo Lombardo, and the result of the processing of excess milk that farmers used to produce large amounts of and affine for up to six months, given they had no refrigerated environments.

Serving suggestions:
Chianti classico Riserva, Recioto di Soave

SHAPE: quadrangular parallelepiped with flat faces

SIDES: 11 cm

DIMENSIONS: side 18 cm

WEIGHT:: ~ 7.7 lbs

COLOUR: white straw

CONSISTENCY: compact texture, compact below the rind,
more crumbly inside

TASTE: aromatic, typical e leggermente acidulo

FRAGRANCE: characteristic, aromatic

RIND: wrinkled, thin

AGING: at least 75 days

ALLERGENS: milk and dairy products

STORAGE: from +1°C to +6°C. It is recommended to leave the product at room temperature 15 minutes before serving.



Sergio Arrigoni aged cheeses line: