Produced from warm freshly drawn milk following old cheese making traditions. The result is a wonderfully fragrant creamy white-straw yellow cheese with a rind that goes from pink to red depending on the seasoning. Affined with care and passion by the Arrigoni family.

"warm raw freshly drawn milk"

SHAPE: parallelepiped with a square base

SIDES: 4 cm

DIMENSIONS: side  19 cm

WEIGHT: ~ 4.8 lbs

COLOUR: white-straw yellow coloured consistency

CONSISTENCY: compact texture, soft under the crust, more compact and crumbly in the centre

TASTE: characteristic, lightly acidic

FRAGRANCE: aromatic, typical

RIND: pinkish or reddish if aged

AGING: at least 35 days

ALLERGENS: milk and dairy products

STORAGE: from +1°C to +6°C. It is recommended to leave the product at room temperature 15 minutes before serving.




14 oz

10 oz

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